8 Effective, Little Known Strategies for Turning your Website into a Customer Acquisition Machine

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Often the success of a business website is measured by the amount of traffic it gets. However, what happens after that traffic lands on your website, is even more important. It doesn’t matter if your business is able to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every month if very few (or none) of them actually become customers.

So how can you make the most of the traffic you are already getting? What effective strategies can you use to convert the maximum amount of website visitors into warm leads and paying customers?

Why Is Conversion On Your Website So Important?

Lets say you’re currently spending $1000 on attracting website traffic and converting 2% of visitors. If you were to focus on increasing your conversion rate to 4%, you’d still be spending the same, but you would have twice as many customers. That means your cost per customer acquisition will go down and you’d be getting more customers without any increase in advertising expenses!

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