How telling an amazing story will boost your sales

How to Tell An Amazing Story

Hello fellow business owners!

Today I wanted to talk about storytelling because I personally think it’s one of the most crucial pieces that is missing from most businesses marketing. Before I get into why, I’d like to tell you a really short story…

A few years ago at the end of a long journey I was in this tight, little hallway of a hotel in Venice face-to-face with a red-faced hotel employee. I was standing right outside my room with the door partially open, my girlfriend looking on from inside. The hotel employee in front of me had just taken a breath from his Italian/English screaming. He’d already embarrassed himself and me over the last two minutes and was getting ready for more. I was having trouble trying to decide whether I should laugh, nod solemnly or stomp on his immaculate black shoes. Finally, I decided it would be easier to just give him the loaf of bread I was carrying that he kept pointing at. He huffed, shook his head and went on his way. I laughed and vowed to myself that if I ever opened a hotel in Venice, guests WOULD be allowed to eat their own food in their hotel rooms.

Some hotels have strange rules. This one had a rule that you were not allowed to eat in the hotel room. Funny story but it has a point.

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