Copywriting for Small Business & Why These 7 Tips Will Put More Profit In Your Pocket – How to Sell without Selling Part 1

Copywriting for Small Business

While it’s true that copywriting is a specialised field, it IS definitely possible for a business owner with no previous knowledge on the subject to learn some great techniques that will favourably impact your website’s (and other marketing channels)  sales and marketing efforts (almost) instantly.

I know this post is long but bookmark it now so you can come back later easily. If you use the advice on this page, there’s no reason you can’t dramatically increase your sales.

Part 2 of this post (coming soon) will have a FULL, real example of a sales letter that we use, broken down into steps showing the easiest method I know to create an effective sales letter (hint: it’s not as hard as you think!) In the meantime, understanding and putting into use some of the tips in PART 1 on this page will increase your conversion.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the ability to create a piece of writing that encourages the reader to take action or behave in a particular manner. In this particular instance, we’re talking about having a potential customer take action to become your customer.

Uses for Your New Sales Letter & Copywriting

Your new, persuasive sales letter can be used to turn potential customers into new customers but it can also be used to encourage your existing customers to spend more and become better customers. Remember that the cardinal rule is you must provide VALUE. Your customer will pay more if you are providing 5x or 10x more value to them somehow. I’ll be doing a post on the 80/20 principle soon that goes into more detail on this idea.

You don’t just have to send this sales letter in the mail as was done in ye olde days. This can be used (sometimes in an abbreviated version) wherever a potential customer is seeing your business for the first time. Think your website, business profile on directories like StartLocal and anywhere else it might be seen. [Read more…]

8 Effective, Little Known Strategies for Turning your Website into a Customer Acquisition Machine

How to get your first 1000 fans on facebook

Often the success of a business website is measured by the amount of traffic it gets. However, what happens after that traffic lands on your website, is even more important. It doesn’t matter if your business is able to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every month if very few (or none) of them actually become customers.

So how can you make the most of the traffic you are already getting? What effective strategies can you use to convert the maximum amount of website visitors into warm leads and paying customers?

Why Is Conversion On Your Website So Important?

Lets say you’re currently spending $1000 on attracting website traffic and converting 2% of visitors. If you were to focus on increasing your conversion rate to 4%, you’d still be spending the same, but you would have twice as many customers. That means your cost per customer acquisition will go down and you’d be getting more customers without any increase in advertising expenses!

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