Step-by-step Salesletter Example In-Full

If you found your way here from anywhere other than from my article , “Dramatically Increasing Your Profits By Writing your Own Sales Copy – A Follow Along Example” then jump over there now as it shows you exactly, step-by-step how the sales-letter was written.

If you’re wondering how this sales-letter is used – It is used on to help to explain to business owners who currently have a free listing, why it would be in their interest to upgrade to a featured listing (that has a small cost associated with it).

It was an easy letter to write because we provide such outstanding value for money in the online advertising market. When business owners need more customers, that is the reason they so often come to us to increase their exposure in their category and location.

Here’s the sales-letter in it’s entirety (formatting has been standardised here in the article but I would suggest including different sized subheadings throughout as well as pictures or diagrams).

The Sales-Letter

Headline Ideas to Test:

  • I’m about to tell you the secret that only a handful of small business owners know (and your competition is probably already using) to bringing in scores of new customers without lifting a finger.
  • I’m about to tell you the secret that thousands of business owners just like you have successfully used to bring in scores of new customers without lifting a finger.
  • I’m about to tell you the secret that thousands of business owners just like you have successfully used to bring in scores of new customers with a single click of the mouse button.


Don’t even think of spending money advertising online until you’ve read this.


As well as discovering the secrets to bringing in customers from StartLocal, you’re also going to find out how to get a search engine optimisation report valued at $29.95 completely free. It’s called, “Search Engine Optimisation: How to Rank at the Top of Google For the Long Term” and is written by myself and Brad Slade-Smith, the founders of StartLocal. Together, we have driven more than 50 million visitors from Google to websites over the last few years. If you implement even a couple of the easy strategies in this report it could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to your business in free visitors from Google.

But before I get to the secret of bringing in more customers, let me ask you – don’t you hate that helpless feeling you get when you see another business that seems to be doing the exact same advertising you are but is somehow overflowing with customers? Do they have an unfair advantage they’re not telling you about?

I’ve heard the same thing so many times in the past. It’s so annoying when you KNOW you do great work and all you want to do is get paid for it but you can’t find new customers who know that before they’ve hired you.

It’s like a chicken and egg problem. You do a great job but how does the customer know that before they’ve chosen you? How do you bring in more, new customers instead of having them go to your competition?

What makes it even worse is how many options there are for advertising now. Things use to be simple, put an ad in the yellow pages and do some leaflets in the local area then rely on word of mouth.

Now there are 7 million different business directories to advertise with, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, PPC, PPV, PPA and so many more variations on how to find customers. It’s overwhelming!

Hi, my name is Robin Sallay and I’m one of the two founders here at Start Local. Since we started StartLocal over six years ago, I’ve been working day in and day out to figure out new, really effective ways to get loads more customers for small and medium sized local businesses, just like yours.

I’ve put all those methods into evolving StartLocal to be a LEAD MACHINE for businesses. If you’re not getting enough customers at the moment then I’m happy to tell you that you can stop worrying as you’ve just found a key piece of the puzzle.

StartLocal is designed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the exact type of business they are looking for as quickly as possible. 90% of the visitors on StartLocal are looking for a business to call NOW to get their job done.

I want these visitors to find the best businesses for them, to have a great experience and to come back and visit StartLocal again.

I created the featured listing program on StartLocal to provide awesome businesses with a secret advantage over their competitors to massively increase their exposure to customers who are specifically looking for a business of their type.

The featured listing program is designed to make sure that when visitors arrive looking for a business of your type, if they are in your local area, then YOU are the business they find.

I can imagine you thinking, “Sure, sure plenty of others claim this same thing, why are you different?”

Together with my co-founder, Brad Slade-Smith, we have more than 24 years of experience in generating visitors, leads and customers for websites and businesses. Since StartLocal began, we have been responsible for more than 88 million visits to the site.

From our office here in Sydney, we have been responsible for sending millions of leads to businesses. Even before StartLocal the majority of our time was taken up with training and focusing on the most effective methods to drive visitors online.

To give you an example, in one month, an advertising campaign we setup had over a billion impressions (1.12 billion actually) – and that was just restricting the advertising to within Australia!

As another example, in a few short years Brad and I took an ASX listed company in the finance sector from making 1 million profit per year to just under 14 million each year – We didn’t run the company but we were 100% responsible for the massive increase in leads they had from online sources (from 400 per month up to 12,000 per month) all on the back of the online advertising we ran for them.

Brad and I spend our time making sure that we are on the cutting edge of what is WORKING right now in online marketing, working out how we can implement that on StartLocal and then focusing on how we can make it work for YOU. We do it so that you don’t have to.

What do you think? Does that sound like two guys you’d want in your corner?

Your Business Comes Up First

With a StartLocal featured listing, customers will find you before they see your competitors. You will be the business at the front of your customers minds right when they are looking for a business like yours. If customers see you before they see your competitors then they have the opportunity to enquire with you before they even find out about your competition.

Save Money by Getting Great Value

Why would you spend your hard earned money on bad advertising options that are overpriced? We are a smart, small, fast moving company which means we don’t have the giant overheads that some of our competitors have. This means we can pass those savings on to you. That means mega value for you since our advertising rates are some of the lowest in the industry while you receive lots of customer enquiries.

Don’t Waste Your Precious Time

Running a business takes 29 hours a day. I know, I never have enough time either. That’s why I wanted to make sure upgrading to a featured listing is as painless and easy as possible. You don’t need to worry about spending time learning new challenging advertising platforms. Pay Per Click, PPA, PPT there can be so much to learn – why not do it the easy way? We’ll call you, you can tell us what makes your business special and we will look after everything else. Let us do what we do best and bring you more customers. This will save you time, money and frustration. That means you can put your time into the important stuff – running your business.

Always wanted to be up top for certain keywords?

Part of getting an upgraded featured listing means you can specify any keywords that you KNOW you want to be up the top for and we’ll make sure they get added to your profile. If you aren’t sure about what keywords you want to be up the top for then let our experienced team do the research for you and get you the most profitable keywords.

Laser Precision Targeting

If you get your customers from more than one suburb, getting an upgraded featured listing will help you get more customers since you can get setup your featured listing to show in as wide of an area as you’d like. We even have the option of specifically targeting certain suburbs, or are there suburbs where you do NOT want customers? We can do that too. Make more money by bringing in the best possible customers while ruling out the ones you don’t want.

Don’t worry about getting locked in

Had issues with other advertising companies in the past where you’ve signed up for something that sounded really good and then it didn’t turn out to be what they promised but you couldn’t quit because of a lock in contract? That won’t be a problem with us. Not only will you get amazing value from your upgraded featured listing but we also have NO lock in contracts. You can cancel any time you like. We know you’re going to want to stay so we have no need to lock you in with an overbearing contract.

Sound great but still not sure? Here’s what Dianne Steed-Chentrens from Success Resumes had to say about her decision to upgrade to a featured listing on StartLocal.

 Frankly I can’t recommend “Start Local” and the Start Local Team enough.

I first took advantage of their complimentary listing service some 4 years ago, since I was just starting up my business and funds were tight. All I had was my complimentary ” Start Local” listing, a web site, an ad in yellow pages and my laptop. Open for business!!!

Jess Petagna, Business Development Manager, and her team were very helpful when I was first setting up and were always quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns if I needed help in the first stages of becoming a Start Local customer.

In a very short time it was apparent that actually most of my business was coming from new customers who were accessing “Resumes – Sunshine Coast” on Start Local.
Not the Yellow Pages…… Not my web site!
My business expanded dramatically and it was such a pleasure being able to work with local customers who had read all about me on my Start Local listing.
Eighteen months ago Jess rang to tell me of a brand new marketing initiative, whereby for a very reasonable monthly payment I could be listed under a Premium bracket, giving even more visual appeal and more exposure to my business. I took that gamble, signed up immediately and have never looked back.  Best decision I have ever made.
I like the way that “Start Local” never stand still and continually look for new opportunities for their customers, new marketing ideas to promote our sites, and more cutting edge technology to help their customers gain business (a new recent innovation is a computer generated message to my email advising when anybody has contacted Start Local and is about to contact me!)
“Start Local” is certainly my choice for promoting my business!!!!

 — Diane, Success Resumes

Awesome hey?? Diane runs just one of the hundreds of businesses that have made the decision to upgrade to a featured listing. I’d love for you to be sending us the next amazing email telling us how we helped to transform your business. That’s why we do what we do!

So, how much is it to get an Upgraded Featured Listing and get a whole lot of new customers?

Since we don’t have the massive overheads of many of our competitors we’ve been able to design the upgraded featured listing to be incredibly affordable so that you will have no worries at all about giving it a try so that you can see the great value. I know you’re going to want to stick around once you’ve seen how good it is!

In fact, if you decide to upgrade right now, I’ll send you the up to date report that I wrote called:

Search Engine Optimisation: How to Rank at the Top of Google For the Long Term

This Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) report is valued at $29.95 but I’m going to send it to you totally free. Together with my business partner we have driven more than 50 million visitors to websites from Google. We know how SEO works and we want to make it simple and easy for you to make sure YOUR website is not getting it wrong. Google is here to stay and so many websites we look at have major issues that will prevent them from ranking well over the long term. There are plenty of simple fixes that you probably just aren’t aware of. Sure, you could spend days, months or years researching online and reading every article you can find on the subject but you should be spending your time doing what you do best – running your business. This report will give you everything you need to know (as well as a list of really great resources if you decide you DO want to read more or see some backing as to why we recommend these ideas) and make it easy to implement.

Even though the RRP on the report is only $29.95 if you implement some of the easy steps in there and get a few more customers directly from Google, you’ll find that it could well be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars over the life of your business.

This report is ONLY available if you decide to upgrade now and click the button to the right. There’s no other way you can get it.

So if you upgrade now you can get your free SEO report and your new upgraded featured listing which means more customers for you!

The price of a featured listing depends on how large the area is that you’d like to cover. If you only want to cover 10 postcodes then it is less than $0.90 per day. If you want to cover 20 postcodes then it is less than $1.18 per day or if you want to cover an entire region (for example, the whole of Sydney or Melbourne) then it is less than $1.33 per day.

How many new customers would you need to get to make that profitable? One? Two? Three?

THIS is how we’re all about value. We want to make StartLocal one of the most amazing value advertising sources you’ve ever had. Making your business succeed is our business and makes us happy.

I really want you to see how great advertising with StartLocal can be so I’m going to do something I’m not completely sure about but I’m going to do anyway.

If you choose to upgrade right now (and you will never see this offer again as it is not available anywhere else – if you do decide to upgrade later you will pay full price), I will take 10% off the regular price of a featured listing for you AND double the area you can reach with each option.

That means that if you want to reach:

  • 10 Postcodes, you will get a 10% further discount and get a bonus 10 postcodes making it 20 postcodes you can target for less than the regular price of 10.
  •  20 Postcodes, you will get a 10% further discount and get a bonus 20 postcodes making it 40 postcodes you can target for less than the regular price of 20.
  • BEST VALUE: An entire region, you will get a 10% further discount and get a bonus smaller region making it over 250+ postcodes you can target (depending on which regions you want to target) for less than the regular price of a region.

Remember, there are no lock in contracts with StartLocal so you can try it out for a month and cancel anytime. 99% of our customers do stay on with us after the first month but even if you do decide it’s not right for you for some reason, you’re still more than welcome to keep the bonus SEO report ‘How to Rank at the Top of Google For the Long Term’.

I’ve done my best to make sure that you are getting amazing value from us here at StartLocal.

In fact, I guarantee you will be supremely happy with your results with a featured listing. If not, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you are!

If you are thinking about getting an upgraded featured listing but are still on the fence about it, I should tell you that since we do have quite a small team here at StartLocal and we insist on making sure that every upgraded featured listing is getting the customers they need to grow their business, we will not continue taking on more featured listings than we can handle. There can only be so many businesses that get promoted to the top of their categories so we can make sure we spend all the time that is needed on each and every one to make it a success. This means that you can call us and actually speak to one of the team here in the office whenever you need to but what it also means is that if you are thinking of upgrading then you should do it now.

If you do decide to upgrade later rather than now (and if the upgrade option is still available in your business’s category at that time) you will miss out on the killer 10% discount that you get from upgrading on this page right now AND you will miss out on the secrets in the Google search engine optimisation report that could be worth thousands of dollars to your business over the coming months and years.

If you want to upgrade to a featured listing then click the button to upgrade your listing now. We will have your upgraded featured listing live before you know it and you’ll be getting more customers coming in the door.

We track visitors carefully on StartLocal and to give you an idea of how much extra exposure to new potential customers your business would have received over the last 12 months if you’d been featured with Startlocal, I’ve put some custom statistics for your business’s category and your region in right below this video. The number might seem high but it’s accurate.

This is how many visitors on StartLocal who were searching for your type of business, in your area, would have found you up the top of the page in the last 12 months had you been featured…and all it would have cost is less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

Remember that 90% of the visitors that arrive on StartLocal need to get in contact with a business NOW. These are like people who go to Amazon. They are ready to take action. Your business should be the one they take action with.

So what are you going to do now? Keep trying to figure out new complicated advertising platforms and trying to work out how to spend advertising dollars profitably or will you decide to try out upgrading to a featured listing on StartLocal? Remember if you don’t upgrade now then you won’t receive your search engine optimisation report, get your bonus postcodes and you’ll have to pay full price for the upgraded featured listing in the future.

Do you want to come to StartLocal in the future and see that your competitor has jumped on and upgraded to a featured listing before you or do you want to get in first?

Thanks for reading. If you’re still not sure about upgrading then, if it’s within business hours, I suggest you give us a call on 1300 785 706 so that you can talk to us about it and we can answer any questions you might have. But don’t close this page! Even if you call us but you’ve closed this page, you won’t be able to get the 10% discount, the double bonus postcodes and the search engine optimisation report sent to you.

Click the button and upgrade to a featured listing now. For less than the price of a cup of coffee each day you can get access to a smart new source of customers before your competitors.

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